Vactor RamJet 850 Series Truck Jetter

Truck mounted • Park-N-Clean Technology • JetRodder® water pump

The Vactor Ramjet truck-mounted jetter makes pipe cleaning easy. Equipped with a Vactor JetRodder® water pump, the Ramjet effectively breaks up blockages in sanitary lines, flushes out debris and scours sewer lines clean. The RamJet 850 is available with an innovative rear hose reel shroud and Park-N-Clean(TM)  technology.

The rear hose reel can rotate a total of 180 degrees, 90 degrees to curb side and 90 degrees to street side providing direct alignment to manholes and the shroud protects the system from the elements makes cleaning in cold weather not only possible, but safe and easy too.

Park-N-Clean is a system that allows the operator to park near the manhole and be cleaning within a minute or two – requiring minimal set up time!

Available with front or rear hose real, the RamJet is easy to operate, easy to maintain and provides high quality Vactor performance our current customers have come to expect.  Contact your Key Equipment & Supply Co. Territory Manager to discuss chassis choices and body configurations.

Click here to see the full brochure on the Vactor Ramjet: Vactor Ramjet Brochure

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Consult with your Key Equipment & Supply Company Territory Manager to specify the right model for your needs.