PB Loader Patcher AC Single Auger

PB Model AC Single Auger

PB Loader has the experience, with over 45 years of designing quality pothole patchers that are durable, long-lasting and built for year-round patching operations.  From truck-mounted patchers to dump body slip-in, hook lift mount and trailer models, PB Loader makes patching a whole lot easier.

Quality built to last through your toughest jobs.

•  Auger is 10 feet in length.
•  Flights are constructed of 1/4″ AR400 steel.
•  Shaft constructed of Schedule 80 pipe.
•  Supported at each end with sealed bearings.
•  Dedicated drive motor.
•  Forward and reverse controls.
•  Variable speed hydraulic motor.
•  Flanged bearings at ends of shaft, driven by hydraulic motor.


More Options Than Any Other Manufacturer
•  Side-discharge Auger
•  Secondary Auger Motor
•  Rear and Side Hopper Spoils Bin
•  Heat Systems: LPG Radiant Air, Diesel Radiant Air, Electric Only with On-board 12KW Generator
•  Same array of options available for DA Patcher as available for BC Patcher


Adjustable temperature keeps asphalt hot. The Radiant Heat System on PB Patchers keeps asphalt hot for an entire work shift. Welded heat tubes spread the heat throughout the asphalt container. Temperature range is adjustable from 100¬∞ to 300¬∞.


Convenient heat sources to meet your needs. LPG available in 25, 35 or 50 gallon capacity; upright or horizontal styles. LPG Tanks are easily accessible for refilling and storage. (CNG, Diesel and Electric are also available with on-board generator and electric overnight plug-in).


Available in 3 to 6 cubic yard capacity. Fully insulated with 2″ of industrial fiberglass insulation. Custom sizes also available; please contact your Key Equipment Territory Manager for more information.


 Fully insulated top-loading doors. Hydraulically operated and fully insulated with 2‚Ä≥ of industrial fiberglass insulation. Keeps asphalt hot all day and night, even during winter. Heats cold mix.



Your choice of layout and options. Your choice of options and layout available for efficiency and adaptation to your unique patching program.




Increased accessibility. Work decks and railings for increased accessibility, maintenance and worker safety.




CS Model Emulsion Spray System Compressed air type sprayer. Sizes available: 35, 60, 130 and 200 gallon.  Optional solvent tank and overnight heat system.



BH Model Emulsion Spray System Pump type sprayer includes everything you need for tack coating. Holds 132 gallons of emulsion and 21 gallons of solvent.  Includes spray system and built-in 110 VAC electric heater to keep emulsion hot overnight.



Ask your Territory Manager for a complete list of available product enhancements: check just some of these out…

101__4351: Heavy duty insulated asphalt boxes for durability and heat retention.
SAM__2748: Asphalt heating and emulsion systems to ensure waterproof pothole patching.
103__1575: Several compaction options for pothole longevity.
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Consult with your Key Equipment & Supply Company Territory Manager to specify the right model for your needs.