LEG Top Select™

Labrie Top Select™ •  Manual or Semi-Automatic  Recycler • CNG Ready

The Top Select™ is a recycling unit built for manual and semi-automated collection of residential recyclable material. It is the most sold unit in-its-class in North America with over 3,000 vehicles in operation.

Key Features:

  • Highly flexible. Maximized operations – The Top Select™ optimizes collection operations by offering 2 to 7 compartments for pick up of different streams at curbside, for precise on-site sorting. The body-mounted partitions are put on rollers for ‚Äòno-tools-required‚Äô, easy adjustability every 6 inches
  • Easy and safe one-man operation. Maximum efficiency – The Top Select™ offers a low-entry cab conversion with curbside driving station for optimal one-man operation.
  • Smooth operation. Maximum productivity – The Top Select™ ensures smooth operation of the loading bucket through fully-adjustable hydraulic cushioning found at each end of the dump and return cycles. This generates high productivity levels (500+ households per route), and up to 10,000 lbs payloads with the Maximizer configuration.
  • Enhanced options. Maximum versatility – The Top Select™ can be configured through a variety of options such as wider loading buckets, auto-lock attachments for carts with/out commercial applications. They are all designed to ensure performing and reliable recycling collection operations.
  • CNG Ready

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