LEG Minimax™

Labrie Minimax‚Ñ¢ •  Side Loader • Compact • CNG Ready

Labrie has designed the Minimax‚Ñ¢ to stand up to our reputation as the industry leader of quality, innovative solutions. To that end, we’ve included all the best features of our larger side loaders into the Minimax‚Ñ¢ to ensure it is the most productive and reliable truck in its category.

  • 10, 12 and 14 cubic yard body configurations available in manual, semi or fully automated
  • Trusted Helping Hand‚Ñ¢ arm with standard 84″ reach on automated configuration
  • Full eject dumping system for a safe unloading process
  • Multiplex electrical system
  • Standard Durascope‚Ñ¢ nitrated packer/ejector cylinders with shavers
  • CNG ready

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