LEG Expert 2000

Labrie Expert 2000 •  Manual or Automatic  Side Loader • CNG Ready

The Expert can be used efficiently for manual, semi-automated or fully-automated collection.  We at Key Equipment & Supply call it the “Missing Link” in the evolution of refuse collection!  The hopper can be accessed from both curbside and street side, making collection in alleys and one-way streets quick and productive. With the various configurations and numerous options available, it will be difficult to find an application or solution that we have not already considered!

  • You can handload extras on an automated route directly into the hopper
  • Helping Hand has standard 7 ft. reach and Extended Reach of 10 ft. is available
  • Helping Hand has lowest dump height in the industry and clears trees where other designs can’t
  • Fully Manual, semi automatic, or fully automatic version
  • CNG Ready

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Consult with your Key Equipment & Supply Company Territory Manager to specify the right model for your needs.