LEG Automizer™ Full Eject

Labrie Automizer™ Full Eject • Automated Side Loader • CNG Ready

The Automizer™ Right-Hand sideloader is the perfect solution for customers who want a strong, lightweight ASL that has the ability to dump inside low ceiling transfer stations, or that just feels more comfortable to operate on soft landfill terrain.

Packing the same benefits than the standard Automizer Right Hand, the Full Eject features a seamless body floor and a hopper floor design that eliminates the need of packer rails and guides.

Key Features:

  •  Safe Hopper access curbside
  • Self guided packer blade
  • Seamless body floor
  • Larger clean out doors
  • Low dumping height
  • Full eject system
  • CNG Ready

Click here to view the Labrie Automizer Full Eject brochure: labrie-automizer-full-eject-brochure

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