LABRIE Automizer™

Labrie Automizer ™ Right Hand•Automated Side Loader • CNG Ready

The Automizer™ Right-Hand side loader features a strong, light-weight tapered body with a reliable loading arm that sets the standard for reach among all automated side loaders.

Parked cars and other obstacles are no longer an obstacle with an arm that can reach 12-feet and lift up to 1,000 pounds fully extended.  Cul-de-sacs are now handled much easier and quicker.
Thanks to carefully engineered hydraulics, this arm maneuvers both smoothly and with exacting precision.  Our compact gripper design allows the dumping of carts set close together also.

Key Features:

  • Hopper access curbside
  • Heavy duty Right Hand™ arm
  • Low dumping height
  • 12 foot reach-incline design
  • CNG Ready

Having a smooth operating arm is significantly important when maneuvering in tight spaces; the Right Hand arm is the smoothest operating arm in the industry today due to its low “mass-in-motion” and “under hopper” inline design. This arm is easy to operate with an electric over hydraulic joystick control; and the Zero-Grab low swing out makes collection in narrow spaces a breeze!



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Automizer RH Specs
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