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ROVVER X is the one system that lets you do everything: control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management software.

  • Steerable 6-wheel drive maneuvers past obstacles.
  • Modular design adapts to pipe of any size, condition and material.
  • Compact system footprint can be deployed from any size vehicle.
  • Digital controls automatically update to the latest features and support self-diagnostics.
  • Scalable design supports lateral launch, side-scanning and laser profiling.
  • WinCan VX included with every system purchase.

Maneuver Past Obstacles

  • Proportional steering to maximize agility.
  • Zero-degree turning for pivoting and traversing curved inverts.
  • Overlapping 6-wheel drive for climbing over offsets and debris.
  • Wheel tread and geometry optimized for superior traction and range.
  • Lightweight Kevlar cable poses minimal drag.

Inspect with Intelligence

ROVVER X uses CANbus, the same control architecture found in modern automobiles. This gives it capabilities not found anywhere else.

  • Auto-updating pendant always supports the latest features.
  • Concurrent control of multiple crawler functions (steer while tilting the camera and raising the lift).
  • 6-conductor cable is easier to pull and reterminate, but has a 1000-lb break strength.
  • Support for lateral launch, laser profiling, and side-scanning applications.
  • Easy online updates for pendant functionality.
  • View status from dozens of onboard sensors, and access lifetime operating history

Adapt to Every Challenge

  • 12 quick-change wheel options.
  • Many accessories: motorized camera lift, auxiliary lamps, large diameter carriage.
  • Three crawler body sizes address applications from 4 to 96 inches diameter.
  • Support for lateral launch, laser profiling, and side-scanning applications.
  • Easy online updates for pendant functionality.

Easy, Focus on What’s Important

  • Control all system functions from a handheld pendant.
  • Record video and images to onboard memory.
  • Enter observations on touchscreen interface.
  • Overlay text without external hardware.
  • Generate reports.
  • Export inspections directly to WinCan (basic version included with every crawler system).

Deploy Anywhere

  • Travels easily with compact, three-piece layout.
  • Runs off inverter, generator or mains power.
  • Travels in truck, van, pickup or ATV.
  • Compact, fully automated reel stores 1000′ of cable (1640′ reel optional).

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