Elgin Waterless Eagle®


Water Conservation. Year-Round Sweeping. Low Dust Emissions.

The Elgin Eagle is equipped with a patented Waterless Dust Control System for PM-10 and PM-2.5 pick-up, proven low dust emissions, and dry sweep performance. With the Waterless Eagle, customers will experience incredible sweep performance while controlling dust without using water. With no water, sweeping in freezing weather conditions is possible, helping your operations meet the growing demand for quick pick up of winter-time road sand, salt, and cinders. As a result, sweeping programs will significantly reduce the time spent on spring clean-up. 

The Waterless Eagle is an efficient and productive sweeper that can:

  • Increase operations productivity through the elimination of untimely filling of water tanks
  • Eliminates mud build-up on sweeper components; reduces unit clean-up times
  • Provides environmental benefits; reduction in water usage footprint and less road silt left from water-based dust controlled sweepers
  • Minimizes fugitive dust emissions using patented waterless technology with media performance of 99% at 2.5 microns








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