Elgin Waterless Eagle®

Elgin Waterless Eagle® • Waterless Sweeper • Highly Efficient Dry Dust Control

Have limited water supply?  Need to sweep year round and in freezing temperatures?  The Elgin Waterless Eagle has a patented Waterless Dust Control System with proven PM 2.5 dust emissions and proven sweep performance.  Operator’s spend more time sweeping and less time filling water tanks.  When sweeping without water, no mud builds up on components, reducing the time for clean up at the end of a shift.  This unit can reduce overall water usage for your company or community.  A low maintenance dry filter system is placed between the hopper and the vacuum fan for dust removal.  Easy to clean and super efficient, great for dry powdery material.  This unit can be used as a normal sweeper with water used for dust control if the application dictates this activity.

Auxiliary Engine John Deere® 4045 74 HP
Conveyor belt system
Dumping height 38″ minimum and variable up to 10′ maximum
Sweeping path max 12 feet | 3658 mm
Dump location right side
Travel speeds highway speed
Available on Autocar Expert cab-over chassis and others (consult Key Equipment for choices)

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Consult with your Key Equipment & Supply Company Territory Manager to specify the right model for your needs.