The United States Patent & Trademark Office registered the Key Equipment and Supply mark on December 22, 2020

Key Equipment & Supply Company was incorporated on October 1,1962, by Robert and Nanon Hyink. After nearly 60 years in business, Key Equipment has maintained strong relationships with contractors and municipalities providing quality equipment and service.  Currently lead by Steve Hyink, President, and Mike Vislay, Vice President, the company has persevered continually growing and expanding their business. 

“It’s been 60 years in the making, we at Key Equipment & Supply Company are proud to announce that we are now a registered trademark. In addition to Key’s new status, our sister company Quality Rents, and our new push camera KeyVision are now also registered trademarks. We will continue to be the Key to Quality Equipment in Sales, Rental, and Service & look forward to a prosperous and exciting new year,” announced Steve Hyink.

Mike Vislay joined Key Equipment in October of 2019 as Vice President. He and his wife Nicole Vislay, Rental Manager, bring years of experience to build and expand our equipment rental in both our St. Louis and Kansas City locations. On November 17, 2020, Quality Rents received their registered mark.

In early August 2020, Key Equipment announced KeyVision as their very own push camera. The registered trademark is expected in the very near future.