Labrie Alleygator AGR •Automated Side Loader • Organics Collection • CNG Ready

The Labrie AGR offers the best packing system for organics along with the best automated arm in the market: utilizing the Pendulum Packer system and the Right-Hand arm. The AGR hopper is leak free, has no blade and no clean-out access door. The single stage packing cylinders are located outside the hopper, protected from trash and waste products. The Pendulum packing system eliminates trash “build up” behind the packing panel allowing the hopper to “selfclean”. Safer for your operators with no need to clean behind the blade.

The renowned Labrie Right-Hand arm will deliver the smoothness, the precision and the speed you expect from an automated arm. Parked cars and other obstacles will no longer be a hassle with its 12-foot reach and 1,000 pound lifting capacity. The result: a productive, safe, and easy to maintain truck  tted perfectly for organics collection!


Key Features:

  • Self cleaning hopper
  • No blade, no clean-out doors
  • External single stage packing cylinders
  • Pendulum Packer eliminates trash “build up”
  • Leak free hopper and body
  • 12-foot arm reach, inline design
  • 1000-LB arm lifting capacity
  • Smoothest arm on the market
  • 20, 23, 27 and 30 cu. yd. body size
  • CNG Ready


Click here to view the Larie Alleygator AGR  brochure: labrie-alleygator-agr-brochure