Elgin Crosswind® • Regenerative Air Sweeper • Wide Sweeping Path  • Ideal for Large Paved Areas

The Elgin Crosswind® Air Sweeper is a powerful sweeper that efficiently cleans large flat paved areas.  It is especially suited for streets, parking lots and airport runways. Features include:

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Mounts on a short-wheelbase of conventional or cab-over chassis
  • Operates by simple back-lit rocker switches
  • Large hopper and water tank coupled with fuel efficiency reduces interruptions for dumping, re-watering and fueling
  • Can easily pick up litter, chip and seal chips and normal street debris

The Elgin Crosswind® Regenerative Air Sweeper is unequaled in versatility, flexibility and productivity.  It also offers Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an optional alternative fuel.


Auxiliary engine John Deere® 4045TFCO3 EWX | 55 KW
Patented Shared Power(TM) system
Powerful Blower Constructed of Hardox brand steel for maximum service life
Dumping is accomplished with 55 degree body hoist and sloped hopper floor
Sweeping System Hydraulic Drive
Dump Height Ground level
Sweeping Path Max 12 ft.  |  3658mm
Hopper Capacity 8 cu. yd. | 6 m3
Water Capacity 240 gal | 908l
Chassis Conventional or Cab-Over
Travel Speed Highway Speeds


Click here to view the Crosswind® brochure:  elgin-crosswind-brochure