Clean streets and surfaces are vital to air quality, water quality and overall community health and safety. True clean requires a rugged, reliable machine that performs in extreme conditions like only Elgin street sweepers can. Backed by nearly 100 years of engineering and manufacturing know-how, service excellence, the highest sweeper standards and the support of the industry’s strongest dealer network, Elgin Sweeper Company promises our street sweepers every day to perform for years. These street sweepers are complimented with world-class PB Loader brand pot-hole patchers and, XtremeVac and GMV Leaf Collection Equipment.

Mechanical Sweepers

Elgin Road Wizard®

Elgin Eagle®

Elgin Broom Bear®

Elgin Broom Badger®

Elgin Pelican®

Air Sweepers

Elgin Megawind®

Elgin Crosswind®

Elgin Whirlwind®

Waterless Sweepers

Elgin Waterless Pelican®

Elgin Waterless Eagle®

Compact Sweepers

Madvac LS175 Compact Sweeper with High Dump

Coming Soon!

Pothole Patchers

PB Loader Slip-In Patchers

PB Loader Trailer Patchers

PB Loader Hook Lift Patchers

PB Loader BC Patcher

PB Loader Patcher AC Single Auger

PB Loader Patcher DA Dual Auger

Leaf Collection

DCL8027 Debris Collector by Xtreme Vac by ODB

LCT6000 Leaf Collector by Xtreme Vac by ODB

LCT650 Leaf Collector by Xtreme Vac by ODB

LCT450 Leaf Collector by Xtreme Vac by ODB

LCT600 Leaf Collector by Xtreme Vac by ODB

Coming Soon!