Key Equipment & Supply Co.® has now partnered with Titan Leaf Solutions™ to offer your solution to leaf collection. All the Titan Leaf Solutions equipment are on our website-

The Titan series includes the Titan Leaf Pro™, Titan Leaf Pro+™, and the Titan Leaf Pro RCH™. The Titan Leaf Pro vacuum collector will make quick work of any cleanup job. Designed to the highest standards, the Titan Leaf Pro exhibits quality, service, and customer satisfaction. The Titan Leaf Pro+ reduces operator fatigue and increases efficiency. Complete with a rear collection hose, the Titan Leaf Pro RCH will make quick work of any clean-up job.

Spartan Leaf Pro™, Spart Leaf Pro+™, Spartan Chassis Mount, and the Spartan Hook Lift Pro +™ represent the Spartan series. The Spartan Leaf Pro is a self-contained vacuum collector with hydraulic valve controls. The Spartan Leaf Pro+ increases efficiency while reducing operator fatigue. The Spartan Hook Lift Pro+ features hooklift hoist mounting, articulating leaf collection arm, and is a one-person operation.

The Olympian series products contain Olympian Leaf Pro+™ and the Olympian Chassis Mount. The gated operator platform of the Olympian Leaf Pro+ changes the way you pick up leaves. It helps keep your team injury-free, reduces fatigue, and increases efficiency. Perfect for a year-round leaf program, the Olympian Leaf Pro+ Chassis Mount is a great choice of a dedicated vehicle to make your leaf collection effortless.

Titan Leaf Solutions also offer leaf containment equipment such as Titan Leaf Cap™, Titan Leaf Box™, Titan Chipper Cap™, and the Titan Knock Down Leaf Box. Use the versatile Titan Leaf Cap as a leaf collection body or remove the door and install the dump body tailgate to use as a chip collector. The Titan Leaf Box can slip into a dump body or on a flatbed adapting to most leaf collecting units. Each Titan Chipper Cap is custom-built for your existing dump body. It is designed to contain chips and debris in a clean, concise manner. Easy to assemble, the Knock Down Leaf Box has a lightweight modular design. It is shipped LTL to your door-eliminating expensive flatbed charges.

Steve Hyink, President of Key Equipment & Supply Co. and Quality Rents®, is very excited to be representing Titan Leaf Solutions. He announced, “Titan Leaf Solutions offers innovative designs and stands behind their products!”