Fats Oil and Grease (F O G ) are becoming a big problem for many sewer districts.  They can cause costly overflows: dumping hazardous sewer waste into the environment. Many districts have even started educational programs for their customers.  Vactor Manufacturing has a great solution to this growing problem:  The F. O. G. Buster System.   This system is mounted directly onto any Vactor Sewer Cleaning Machine.
The F.O.G Buster solution is a specially-formulated, grease emulsifier. The solution is blended with water and dispensed during jetting operations. The solution is non-caustic, non-corrosive and biodegradable. No special chemical certification is needed to handle or apply this solution.

The F. O. G. Buster system not only clears the existing clog, but it also acts as a preventative and slows future buildup thereby saving the sewer district time and money.

Here’s Key Equipment’s own Jeff Miles to show you all about the F.O.G. Buster System.  Including some great before and after pipe footage shot with an Envirosight Jetscan, a natural partner for any jetting operation.